Àdhamh – Scottisch Gaelic award #pleasevote


Heute geht es mal um ein besonderes Voting. Àdhamh ist der Gällischexperte bei Outlander und wir versuchen, ihn wieder für einen Scottish Gaelic award zu nominieren. Dazu brauchen wir viele, viele Menschen, die ihre Stimme abgeben möchten. Dazu dieser Bericht. Vielleicht möchtet ihr mitmachen/helfen? Das wäre wirklich super! Da das  Voting auf englisch ist, hier auch die Erklärung auf englisch. DANKE schon mal!!
Here we go! Time to vote to get Àdhamh nominated for one of 2 awards that we think would suit his situation best 🙂
Please go to the website:
There are 2 categories and we’ve prepared a text for both the categories, including the 2 different company names. This means you have to fill out the voting form twice, if you don’t mind. Don’t do the other categories and please don’t vote more than once, as we don’t want any votes to go void…
In the first part of the form you have to fill out your information. For everything you don’t want to share with the organisation, just fill out N/A for not available. Name and email address is in any case needed though!
Next part is about Àdhamh:
Category: International
Name: Àdhamh Ó Broin.
Company: Àdhamh Ó Broin, Scottish Gaelic Consultancy
Position, Address: N/A (for Not Available) in all the fields
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: N/A
Email address: info@adhamhobroin.scot
Example text (please use your own words a little bit in this one, so they don’t get votes where all the reasons for nominations are the same…):
Àdhamh has become an international ambassador for Scottish Gaelic by showcasing the language to an audience of millions with his incredible work as Scottish Gaelic Consultant on the set of the STARZ original series „Outlander.“
In this role, he taught actors to deliver complex Gaelic-language scenes despite having no previous spoken ability.
Àdhamh is directly responsible for the Gaelic language’s highest ever position of global regard and I believe that this should be recognised accordingly at this year’s awards.

Second vote:
Category: Community, Heritage
Name: Àdhamh Ó Broin.
Position: N/A in all the fields concerning the company address etc
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: N/A
Email address: info@adhamhobroin.scot
Example text (Again, please use your own words a litle bit in this one, so they don’t get votes where all the reasons for nominations are the same…)
Previous to his work on Outlander, Àdhamh founded DROITSEACH which seeks to preserve the richness of Scottish Gaelic dialects by appointing a TOSGAIR or ambassador for every dialect area in Scotland. These ambassadors work to preserve directly the area’s particular language and lore by teaching it to others as a living tradition.
As part of DROITSEACH’s first dialect project, Àdhamh has single-handedly taken the Dalriada dialect of Mid-Argyll from a critical condition on the verge of extinction to the situation of being a living language again inside five years, having taught his four children to speak it fluently from scratch. He also recently ran an independent crowdfunding campaign which raised over £10,000 in order to design a website housing every known resource for the dialect making it possible to learn it from anywhere in the world. This website will go live on 25th Sept 2015.
Àdhamh’s feats in the realm of dialect revival have never been seen before in Scotland and have shown what it is possible to achieve with just passion, vision and determination. He should be rewarded accordingly at this year’s Gaelic Awards.

Autor: Catriona NicThobias


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