Samhain – Teil 5

Outlander Deutschland

Auch Diana hat einmal einen wundervollen Text zum Thema Samhain geschrieben:
(Copyright 2010 Diana Gabaldon)

“In the chilly season, when the air grows cold and the spiders die, comes a thin time. The days are short, so all the light of them is concentrated, squeezed between the dawn and dark. This is why the light is different, and each thing has a Shadow. This is when the other worlds draw close, and the barriers between grow thin. In a thin time, they say, you must be careful, because you might walk through a cobweb unthinking, and find yourself Elsewhere.
There is more than one other world; no one knows how many. Some beasts can see one; the dogs will sometimes stare at a blank space on the wall of a cave, and their hackles rise at what they see.
Sometimes, I think I see it, too.”


In der kalten…

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